Wednesday, November 17, 2010

My Jerk of the Month, John Tyner

Every once in a great while, there emerges in the pubic consciousness [pun intended], an individual who is so obnoxious that the situation calls for instantaneous revulsion, on a personal level. Such a person is John Tyner, the young man from San Diego who told a Transportation Security Agent who was about to pat him down, "If you touch my junk, I'll have you arrested." It is reported that John was on his way to South Dakota so that he could shoot lots of little holes in some pheasant. Apparently, the season was getting short and he didn't have time for national security considerations. Instead, he first refused to submit to a body scan and, then, in a brazen flaunting of law and the safety of his fellow travelers, threatened the security person with retribution if he (the patter is, by law, of the same gender as the patty [pun intended]) should dare to place his rubber-gloved-hand anywhere near his "junk".

I was not familiar with the word "junk" as a slang term for genitalia. I can't imagine any self-respecting man employing the term in a public setting. Having done so, I can only conclude that Mr. Tyner is straight, thinks sex is dirty, or was molested by a man in his younger days. Still, nothing justifies his current status as a folk hero among similarly jaundiced frequent flyers. Only in America, would spoiled youths create such a self-important stink over a momentary encounter with what many gay men would consider a cheap thrill. Get over it, people. Not everything is about you!


foraminut said...

Hi. There is truth contrary to the media reporting of this incident. The TSA has changed its pat-down techniques since the introduction of the scanners. If you are selected to be scanned (the porn scan, as it's popularly known), and decline, you are subjected to a very intrusive pat-down. No longer are the backs of the hands used, the fronts are used as well. TSA employees are authorised to use fingers as well, to squeeze and pat and probe... the probes include genitalia, male and female. This guy put up a major fuss when he became aware of the extent to which the ' pat down' might be 3d degree rape in most states. I hope that you do not have to have one of these invasions, it's pretty amazing what the TSA is permitted to do now. Most people go through the scanner, which by image strips you of clothing, rather than being subjected to the physical nonconsensual contact.

legacy guy said...

Dear foraminut,

I am aware of the new pat-down techniques as a result of the "underwear bombers" action on last December 25th over Detroit. I have seen it carried out on TV. Mr. Tyner was only confronted with the pat-down search because he refused the scanner, which is not intrusive at all (except visually) and is totally anonymous and is seen only by one individual. It's no more an invasion of privacy than a CT scan, which might be viewed by more than one person. Living as you do in Detroit, which would likely have been hit with debris from the almost-exploded plane, I would think that you would be willing to see the need for such measures. I do not like to fly--for other reasons--but I would gladly accept the pat-down, if necessary--for the sake of the security of everybody on board the plane.

There is no question of rape here, in my opinion. I went to law school and do not see that you can have a crime without criminal intent.

Thanks for reading my post and taking the time to share your viewpoint.