Friday, March 21, 2008

A response to Oklahoma state Rep. Sally Kern

I posted the following response to an article in the March 11, 2008, Tulsa Worldheadlined "Kern cites support from the GOP". Here's how the story begins:

"OKLAHOMA CITY -- A state lawmaker who declared that homosexuality is a greater threat to the United States than terrorism said Monday that she received a standing ovation from her fellow Republican legislators Monday."

Here's my posted response:

"That Rep. Kern should receive a standing ovation from her fellow Republicans is a graphic example as to why Barack Obama's message of hope and unity is answering such a moral and visionary aching among Americans today. When the party of hate--sadly, that is what the Republicans have become despite their "compassionate" rhetoric--proudly and vociferously embraces language which divides one group of loyal Americans from another by seeking to paint them as the enemy of the people, they are engaging in blatant demagogery. As long as they behave this way, they will constitute a far greater threat to American values than any external enemy and, as such, will be soundly rebuked in November in all those places where equality, freedom, and justice truly are embraced."

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